Monday, April 8, 2013

Lodging, Wynne, Ark

A cabin at Village Creek State Park (they have campsites too)
Monday, April 8, 2013

Becca and I realized the day before our triathlon last year that we didn't tell ya'll about the cabins at Village Creek!  A participants family asked about campsites and we realized that we should have a lodging page so ya'll know about all the hotels in Wynne and that we have a great state park!  Here's a list:

Wynne has 4 hotels: (Minutes from the country club)
Coachman's Inn 238-2391
Day's Inn 238-1100
Nationwide 9 Inn 238-9399
Star Lite 238-2722

Village Creek State Park: (12-15 minutes from country club)
Cabins 238-9406

Hope to see you on August 17, 2013!  Keeli and Becca

Course Map 2016

A big shout out to Martin Smith, the Map Man of the BBC Cycling Club, for doing our course map.  Don't worry the header says 2012, it's the same in 2016