Tuesday, July 29, 2014

Event Information

2013 Midsouth Kids Triathlon

A.  The Midsouth Kids Triathlon organizers are a committee of the Cross County Ramblers in Wynne, Arkansas.

B.  The event is Saturday, August 6, 2015 at 9 am at the Crowley's Ridge Country Club in fabulous Wynne, Arkansas. 

C.  The event is $25 and each participant will receive a finisher's medal and 24 oz. Custom Polar Bottle (this does not include a $10 membership paid to the USAT).  Event day registration is $25 plus the USAT $10 membership.

D.  Register at https://www.racesonline.com/.  Online registration closes on Thu, Aug. 3, 2016 at midnight. NO MAIL IN REGISTRATION this year.  There WILL BE event day registration for $30 plus USAT membership.  Registration will open at 7 am on Saturday, August 6.  If the participant is already a member of USAT, membership cards must be presented at the time of race packet pickup.  ***ID is required by the USAT to pick up your participant's bag and bib number.  *****All event and USAT waivers are REQUIRED and if not signed, your child/participant CANNOT participate on event day.

E. Age Groups:  The Midsouth Kids Triathlon has 6 different age groups that is determined by the participants age on December 31, 2016.   Age groups will have a limit to adhere to safety reasons.

           Age Group                           Swim                Bike                Run
  • 5-6 year old                      25 yards             1/4 mile          100 yards
  • 7-8 year olds                     50 yards             1 mile             1/2 mile                      
  • 9-10 year olds                   50 yards             1 mile             1/2 mile
  • 11-12 year olds                100 yards           2 miles             1 mile
  • 13-14 year olds                100 yards           3 miles             1 mile
  • 15-16 year olds                100 yards           3 miles             1 mile

F.  BIB numbers must be visible on the participant during the cycle and run portion of the event. (bibs can be pinned to the front of the swimsuit or on the t-shirt during the bike and run portion of the event).  Body marking will be done at the registration area on event day.

F. Transition area closes at 8:45 am, no parents or guardians are allowed in the area after 8:45 am.

G. SWIM:  all strokes are allowed for the swim portion of the event.  Goggles and swim caps can be used in the water.  The 5-6 year old group are NOT allowed to use life jackets.  Swim caps will be provided.

H.  CYCLING: HELMETS ARE REQUIRED!  And shoes are required during the bike, NO CROCS or FLIP FLOPS.  Bike handle bars are required to have end caps, no excuses.  As a common courtesy, always pass a biker on the LEFT saying, "ON YOUR LEFT".  NO TRAINING WHEELS!

I.  RUN: no flip flops/crocs!  Shoes must be worn for the bike and run portion of the event.

J. NO headphones are allowed at ALL on the course.

K.  ARRIVAL TIME:  Be sure to arrive by 8 am to allow time for transition area set up, packet pick up and body marking. 

L. See our inclement weather plan just in case.

M. Our volunteers and Birdeye Bicycle Club members are the only people allowed in the transition area and on the course.  Parents/guardians CANNOT assist their participant at any stage of the event.  Our volunteers and Birdeye Bicycle Club members will be available to assist for emergencies and any other help as needed.

N.  POOR SPORTSMANSHIP CONDUCT:  Come on people!  Talk to your participant and use good skills such as no CUTTING OFF, RUNNING INTO OTHERS and intentionally hurting a fellow athlete, there will be a 2 minute penalty or disqualification by the many volunteers and course chairman on the course.  The Race Director's decision is final.

O.  Don't forget that the participant must complete the course fully to be eligible for the finisher's medal.  Our chairmen and BBC volunteers will be throughout the course to make sure that all participants have a good, safe experience.  Parents and the participant are ultimately responsible for the course.

P. Custom Polar Bottles and finisher's medals are guaranteed for the first 75 pre-registered entries.  We cannot guarantee event day registration medals or polar bottles.

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