Friday, August 19, 2011

Event Reminders and Help for First Timers

Maggie Miller and Chloe Smith
Sunday, August 12, 2012

Thank you for registering for the Midsouth Kids Triathlon!  We thought we'd list some reminders for you:

-You will participate in the age group you will be this year on Dec. 31, 2014
-ID is required by the USAT-we will check it at packet pickup, so have it available.  No ID-NO PACKET
-Packet pick up is Friday, August 15, 2014 from 5-6 pm at the country club and starting at 7:00 am on event day.  Polar Bottles and medals are guaranteed for the first 100 entered
-Parents and participants are responsible for knowing the course, take the time to familiarize yourself on Friday (or Saturday) with the course, transition area and so forth.
-On event day, your participant will be body marked with a marker on their leg and upper arms to identify them during the swim and bike portions of the event.  Some can simply attach the bib to the swimming suit and swim, bike, run.  Others can attach the bib to their tshirt that they can bike and run in.  You have to have your bib visible for the run portion of the event.
-Parents are not allowed on the course.  We will have volunteers throughout the course.
-Parents can help set up in the transition area until 8:45 am after that volunteers will be in the transition area to help with shoes and helmets.  Parents ARE NOT ALLOWED IN THE TRANSITION AREA.
-Pre-event meeting will be at 8:55 am, event starts at 9 am with the older age groups first.
-It will be congested around the pool and finish line area, so we encourage patience and understanding near the transition area and finish line.  We plan to have spectators near the finish line.   Bring your lawn chairs!
-We will provide a swim cap and an aid station for pre and post event.  We will be RECYCLING these caps, so throw them in our bin after the event.
-Polar Water Bottles and finisher's medals are guaranteed for the first 100 that register. 
-Don't forget the club restaurant opens at 11 am for lunch.  They have great daily specials.
-Have fun!  We want the event to be a fun, family event!

List of what to bring:
-Towel for transition area
-Running Shoes (no sandals, flip flops)
-Lawn chairs

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